There are times that circumstances prohibit an individual from being able to attend therapy in person, such as the current Corona Virus / COVID-19 Epidemic and resulting quarantine and social distancing measures. Under such circumstances, teletherapy is an excellent option that allows you to continue to receive a high quality of care with much easier access.

We provide our teletherapy services via a secure and encrypted video conferencing platform called Zoom. Our practice already utilizes an integrative electronic medical record, billing, and scheduling system; so there won’t be any disruptions to service even if our therapists have to work from home.

We are able to treat almost all of the same presenting concerns listed on our website here. While the delivery or format of treatment may be altered some to fit the delivery of video conferencing, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the same quality of treatment and attentive response as if you were sitting in our office.

If teletherapy interests you, please contact our office or request an appointment online and indicate that you’re interested in the teletherapy option. We look forward to working with you in these unique and challenging times.

Available Therapists

Steve Gibboney
Jonathan Edwards
Erica Metzel
Laura Dionne