Self Harm

We offer support and help to the families of individuals struggling with self-harm and other painful issues. Having closely experienced the failing of many inpatient facilities to care for the wounds of the family and parents, we would be honored to offer you support and help in traveling alongside you or your loved one through this difficult time. We work to empower individuals to seek coping skills and other releases as well as expression and definition of emotions while offering a supportive safe space to work and explore those hurts and fears. Assessing for trauma and how it may be contributing to emotional distress and self-harm is also something that is explored. This ensures that care is comprehensive and complete as we treat both the symptoms and origins.

Eating Disorders

We also offer a range of services for individuals and families struggling with eating disorders including, structural, behavioral, family based therapy (FBT), trauma-informed interventions, and systemic approaches. Eating disorders are a complex mix of physical as well as psychological concerns that can impact the whole family. The feelings of hopelessness, confusion and fear can be debilitating to the individual as well as the family. Our practice focuses on rebuilding compassionate supportive relationships and empowering families and individuals to overcome the challenges they are facing with eating and assist them with the process to help support their recovery. We would be happy to help support and help you navigate through these challenging patterns.

Available Therapists

Laura Dionne

Erica Metzel