Marriage Counseling

We believe that the ultimate goal of marriage, its highest achievement, is to become best friends throughout a lifetime spent together. That is achieved through a lifetime of exploring one another, discovering the very best within one another and offering yourself up as the very best to your partner. While this is the ultimate goal, we often encounter difficulties and trials along the way that can threaten to derail us. It is during these moments and encounters that we can help. If you are struggling with any of the areas listed above, Centre Marriage & Relational Therapy can offer you help to get back on track to achieving the marriage you first believed you could have.

Premarital Preparation

One of the best plans you can make for your upcoming wedding is to prepare for your marriage as well! While the big day approaches and the excitement builds, you can be preparing for what comes after the vows, cake and dancing. Studies have shown that participating in premarital preparation can greatly increase the chances that you will have a happy and lasting marriage. Using the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory as well as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Love Languages, we can tailor a unique package to your relationship to give you the tools to make the most of your upcoming marriage.

Did you know… that premarital preparation can reduce the divorce rate by 30%…can increase marital happiness…and can help you make the most of your first years in marriage!

Available Therapists

Shane Landherr, LMFT
Steve Gibboney
Erica Metzel
Jonathan Edwards