Are you looking for help getting your financial house in order?
Does it feel like every time you set a financial goal, something happens to derail it?
Or maybe you feel so overwhelmed you don’t even know where to begin?

How I can help

I can help you get started on a clear path to increased financial freedom, and help you stay motivated to keep your financial house in order. Our first step is always to talk about your goals and create a plan that fits your specific needs. From there we assess your current financial situation; if we are going to plot a course we have to survey the land. Once you have a clear understanding of your current situation and how you got there, we can start on the path to financial security and stability with creating and implementing a budget. Once your budget is operational, and your initial emergency fund is established, we can start with a debt reduction plan.

From there, I can help you maintain your progress or update your plan as life circumstances change. This will position you in a solid financial situation to then seek investment guidance from the appropriate professionals as you continue to strengthen your financial house by planning for retirement or investing your money so it’s working for you!

My Approach

I’m able to integrate my years of experience as a marriage therapist with my hands on experience of building and running my business over the last 8 years, allowing me to address both the necessary financial concepts and emotional attachment we build around money. I can also help couples learn to better communicate about finances and build cooperation as you work towards your goals. While other financial coaches may offer similar financial tools, I can integrate the emotional, relational and psychological dynamics of financial success.

What is Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching is educating and motivating you to achieve your financial goals. Sometimes that is helping to educate and teach financial skills. Other times it is helping identify the needed motivation or removing the psychological block that is keeping you from those goals. And other times it involves keeping up with implementing those changes over the long haul.

Financial Coaching is not investment advice or guidance. I am not licensed to give you advice or make recommendations on investment options or strategies. I can educate you on what options might be available to you, and make referrals to professionals who can give you that level of advice. My goal is to help get you into a stable financial position to be able to consider if, and what type of, investments are the right option for you.


Shane Landherr, LMFT

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