Counseling Services

Our Counseling Services

 We specialize in client concerns such as depression, anxiety, angerinfidelity, sexual addiction, sexual intimacy problems, parenting, body image & self-esteem, self harm, divorce & separation, bereavementcommunication issues, and conflict resolution


Collaborative Treatment

At Centre Marriage and Relational Therapy, our therapists specialize in complementary areas of care. This allows us to collaborate in treating clients by focusing uniquely on multiple aspects of the larger family unit. On occasion, situations arise in which it is necessary to provide care to a variety of different members within a family. Take for instance a family experiencing marital distress which has had a negative effect upon the children, we can provide marital therapy to the couple while also providing play therapy techniques to the children to help them cope and understand their experiences. This can lead the whole family to a healthier place they may not otherwise have arrived.


Marriage Counseling

We believe that the ultimate goal of marriage, its highest achievement, is to become best friends throughout a lifetime spent together. That is achieved through a lifetime of exploring one another, discovering the very best within one another and offering yourself up as the very best to your partner. While this is the ultimate goal, we often encounter difficulties and trials along the way that can threaten to derail us. It is during these moments and encounters that we can help. If you are struggling with any of the areas listed above, Centre Marriage & Relational Therapy can offer you help to get back on track to achieving the marriage you first believed you could have.


Premarital Preparation

Did you know… that premarital preparation can reduce the divorce rate by 30%…can increase marital happiness…and can help you make the most of your first years in marriage!

One of the best plans you can make for your upcoming wedding is to prepare for your marriage as well! While the big day approaches and the excitement builds, you can be preparing for what comes after the vows, cake and dancing. Studies have shown that participating in premarital preparation can greatly increase the chances that you will have a happy and lasting marriage. Using the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory as well as the MBTI and Love Languages, we can tailor a unique package to your relationship to give you the tools to make the most of your upcoming marriage.


Family Counseling

Over many years of working with adolescents and their families, we have learned that families can be delicate at times, but that they hold incredible inherent potential for healing and wellness. Our approach to families is unique from traditional psychology; instead of separating the members of the family that may need help, we meet with the family as a whole unit. It is within this whole unit that you must live your lives. We do not believe that families are broken or dysfunctional as much as you may not have all of the tools that are needed, and you may need help accessing the resources within your family.


Adolescent Counseling

Today’s teenagers face many unique difficulties that were non-existent just 10 years ago. They must learn to cope with a systemic abandonment and the effects of pseudo-electronic intimacy resulting in increased social isolation. This results in many teenagers not having the emotional resources to cope well with the added pressure. Some turn to alcohol, drugs or sexual intimacy as a way to numb the pain or fill the gap; others may take more extreme measures of self-harm to cope with the emotional pain. With 10 years of training and experience working with adolescents, we feel that we are uniquely qualified to meet adolescents where they are in their experience and to offer them guidance and help to navigate through their pain.

We offer support and help to the family of individuals struggling with self-harm and other painful issues. Having closely experienced the failing of many inpatient facilities to care for the wounds of the family and parents, we would be honored to offer you that support and help in traveling alongside your adolescent through this difficult time.


Child Counseling

Expanded areas of treatment include childhood behavioral issues; family transition from divorce or separation; grief and loss; poor self esteem and body image; and parenting support.


Individual Counseling

Many adults struggle with various issues throughout their lifetime. It is natural and normal to experience periods of sadness, times of joy, and moments of oscillating between. At times these experiences may become problematic and we may even become stuck in a pattern that is difficult to end.

We can help with many common issues, coming from a unique relational perspective in all of our work. Even if you are the only client physically in the therapy room, we consider the influence and involvement of your greater relational system. Standing on the research and influence of the MFT field, we believe strongly that your best path to wholeness and wellness includes your greater family and social system.