Being a teenager is not easy! It is a time where you start discovering who you are and who you want to be. It is a time where emotions might feel more intense and romantic relationships may form. It is a time where self-esteem issues may arise which impacts our mental health as well as our relationships with friends, family, and partners. It is also a time that can feel lonely for some; especially if there are issues within our relationships with others; whether they be friend, family, or romantic relationships.

Today’s teenagers face many unique difficulties that were non-existent just 10 years ago. They must learn to cope with a systemic abandonment and the effects of pseudo-electronic intimacy resulting in increased social isolation. This results in many teenagers not having the emotional resources to cope well with the added pressure. Some turn to alcohol, drugs or sexual intimacy as a way to numb the pain or fill the gap; others may take more extreme measures of self-harm to cope with the emotional pain.

We want to help make this time for you easier and will do that by first forming a working relationship with you built on trust and safety. We will help you identify goals for yourself and will give you tools that you can use to reach them. We also provide a safe place to learn more about yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, and your needs. With our collective training and experience working with adolescents, we feel that we are uniquely qualified to meet adolescents where they are in their experience and to offer them guidance and help to navigate through their pain.

Available Therapists

Laura Dionne
Jonathan Edwards
Erica Metzel