Many adults struggle with various issues throughout their lifetime. It is natural and normal to experience periods of sadness, times of joy, and moments of oscillating between. At times these experiences may become problematic and we may even become stuck in a pattern that is difficult to end. At times these patterns get labeled as addictions.  Addictions can be substance or process related and can manifest in many different ways.

We can help with many common issues, coming from a unique relational perspective in all of our work. Even if you are the only client physically in the therapy room, we consider the influence and involvement of your greater relational system. Standing on the research and influence of the MFT field, we believe strongly that your best path to wholeness and wellness includes your greater family and social system.

We have also found that applying a relational lens when working with couples who are attempting to alter substance or process patterns can improve the stability of the relationship as well as the recovery process.  This type of addiction work needs to be thought of as separate from an individual’s work on addiction, as the focus is less on the addiction and more on the impact it has had on the relationship. Couples work can also assist in increasing the positive support of the individuals while rebuilding and strengthening the recovery process as well as maintaining it.  Relational work also focuses on the patterns and interactions of the couple with the addiction and focusing on how the couple can change those patterns to facilitate healthier boundaries and more positive relations. Strengths based coping skills and psycho-education would allow for more skill sets and improved communication skills the couple could employ during stressful times.

Available Therapists

Steve Gibboney
Shane Landherr, LMFT
Erica Metzel