At Centre Marriage and Relational Therapy, we understand the challenges that our clients face are complex and multifaceted, and so we attempt to gain a full understanding of the various systems that influence those challenges. Regardless of the model of treatment that our therapists utilize, we share a commitment to see our clients as more than a diagnosis; we are all on a unique journey searching for healing and wholeness.

Taking this complexity into consideration, we have assembled a team of therapists that offer a complementary set of skills and training, each with unique specialties that fit together so we can offer a well balanced treatment approach to many of the challenges life might present. This offers our clients the opportunity, when it is necessary, to receive coordinated treatment from multiple professionals all within the same practice. As well as peace of mind knowing that, which ever therapist they might be working with, that therapist is collaborating and gaining insight from a larger team of professionals so they might receive the fullest possible care.

As a group of providers, we hold a variety of spiritual and religious beliefs, and while these are an important part of our identity, we recognize that each of our views are not shared by everyone. For those clients that desire faith to be a part of their work, we are happy to incorporate that, and those clients that do not will still receive the same professional quality of care and treatment.